Star Traders: Game & Book Bundle
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Both the original space trading board game and your own copy of the Emperor’s Codex with its exclusive look at the Story & Art that went into Star Traders the Board Game.

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The Board Game

Star Traders is a competitive cargo-delivery Sci-Fi board game. Players captain their starships, jumping from planet to planet, racing to deliver their cargoes before the other traders. The game ratchets up the interaction and the fun as you gain great wealth and the Emperor’s respect, giving you the opportunity to petition to be made Star Tsar, ruler of all trade in the galaxy. But stumbling blocks are around every corner as your fellow traders pursue the same goal.

It is actually 5 games in 1, with a version for everyone — from easy versions for ages 7+ and 10+ to more competitive gameplay. The family version in the middle is just right for most players. The galaxy is inspired from your favorite Science Fiction books, movies & TV shows.

The Book

With over 100 full-color pages, the Emperor’s Codex is stuffed full of the story behind the game, including:

Personalities. Full-sized images of each Personality, with the story of how each one accepted the Emperor’s challenge (story by Charlie Duncan).

Worlds. David’s explanation of why these are his favorite SF authors, why each cargo for export was selected, and why you should immediately go out and read each author’s work.

Development. How the game came to be, with pictures of the early game boards, original components and this year’s development process.

The Codex comes in a compact box and when you’re ready to play the game again, this box might double as a dice box, to keep the dice from bouncing across the board. And if you’d rather not use the ziplock bags provided, you’ll even be able to download the divider template from our website ( and use the box to store your cards between games.

*Please be aware this product is only available in the United States.*

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Box Contains

• Gameboard
• StarBucks (money)
• 108 Trader's Luck/Contract cards
• 19 Player Mats
• 8 Rocket Ships
• 6 sets of Station Rings
• Cargo, Contract, Prestige & Quarantine markers
• Dice & Rulebook