Personalities: The Navigator

The Navigator

Some people travel for fun. Some people do it for profit. For you, traveling the stars is neither a hobby nor a job. It’s a way of life.

Your parents were part of the Explorer Corps, charting new and faster routes between worlds. You were born in space. You plotted your first jump when you were five and shocked your parents when it cut a light-year off their best trajectories. You absolutely terrified them when, at 10, you reprogrammed the nav computer and jumped the ship on your own. You were grounded and banned from the bridge, but you continually pointed out the fact that the ship clearly missed the supernova by several million kilometers.

You shocked your parents again when you failed to follow in their footsteps. You’d been around the Explorer Corps your whole life; you always had a passing interest in discovering new places, but that was never your driving goal. It’s not about finding the new places, you just want to find faster, more efficient ways to get around. Pushing the edge of the known routes, running closer to the dangerous hazards of space, that was your thrill. Nothing held the pleasure of taking a route and being able to cut off another parsec by shaving closer to a black hole.

You bounced from ship corp to ship corp. Your natural talent backed up by a lifetime of experience would get you hired. Your constant attempts to “optimize” the trade routes and never sticking to a schedule would get you fired. You had just concluded a final conversation with your newest ex-employer (you admit to taking the ship through the space station’s gravity wheel, but you took almost fifteen minutes off the transit time and it’s not like you actually hit anything) when you received a very unexpected communication from your parents.

The Explorer Corps had gotten inside information from the Trade Commissariat. The Star Tsar was gone; no one was sure why, but the Emperor would be announcing a trade competition to appoint a replacement. Whoever could move the most cargo the quickest would win. The Corps wanted to make sure they had a connection with the winner. Your parents immediately thought of you and recommended you to the Corps. You’ve always wanted to get from here to there faster than anyone before. They thought that maybe now you could put that desire to some good use. The Explorer Corps had arranged a fast ship for you, a license to trade, and no questions asked about the routes you would take. Frankly, you stopped listening at “no questions.” You’ve got a chance to prove once and for all you’re the absolute best. You’ll be a legend, and the whole galaxy will be watching.


You are the Navigator. It’s time to go as no one has gone before.

Game Specifics:

  • Green & blue jumplines are 4’s to you.

You once jumped from Anderson to Longyear just to win a bet!

You only need to roll a 4 to travel over a 5 (blue) or 6 (green) jumpline.

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