Personalities: The Maverick

The Maverick

They say that lucky people always win. You know that’s not true. Being lucky doesn’t mean you always win, it means you always come out on top. Sometimes that means losing. Fortune may favor the bold, but Lady Luck picks a favorite and sticks tight. You’re her number one pick.

Even as a child, you knew something was different about you; something special. You’d find a little bit of money, then walk to the street hustlers that ran the rigged games. You’d walk away with enough money to eat for a week. You were on your own, but that was all right. You had your wits and you had your luck. You didn’t need anything else.

The little tries were always the easiest; the quick, low stake games — contests that won you free meals, lotteries that would net you small earnings. You were a wizard; you never lost and always had an edge. You didn’t really lose at all until the first big stakes game you got in. It was a private game, in the back room of an upscale bar. You were doing well most of the night, until the last play. Your bluff got called, and you got wiped out. You were shocked, half dazed as you walked out the room. You couldn’t understand what happened. Until the authorities rushed past you, kicked in the doors, and arrested everyone at the table. Looks like luck was still on your side. You found another game the next week; you won back your losses and then some.

You moved from system to system, planet to planet, working your angles. Sometimes you were on top of the world, only to be down low the next week. But as soon as things got bad, your luck intervene and something unexpected showed up. You rode a streak into a five-star hotel on a resort world for a month. You lost a luxury trip on a starliner cruise, only to hear it disappeared without a trace. You worked casinos; you’d inevitably end up banned by one, only to be back a month later when it was bought by a new corporation. You started playing the stock market; your trades were so chaotic that your broker cringed at your call, but you managed to accumulate a hefty retirement fund within a year. You loved it.

You got involved in a card game with a group of rich jet setters. One of them kept talking all night about his great plan to join in the competition to become the new Star Tsar. He was bragging about his new starship, his cargo, his nest egg of cash to finance the trades. He even talked about some of the inside information on trade routes he had acquired. By the end of the night, you had his ship, his money and his cargo. You graciously informed him that you would call the ship the “Lucky Lou” in his honor. He tripped over his own chair lunging at you in anger, while you smiled as you walked out. You don’t know anything about running a trade empire, but if life has taught you one thing, it’s better to be lucky than good.


You are the Maverick. It’s time to roll the dice and win the game.

Game Specifics:

  • Can hold 3 cards at end of turn
  • Draw 2 cards if low

You get all the breaks!

You start the game with 3 Trader’s Luck cards and you may hold up to 3 cards at the end of your turn. You may hold 4 cards at any other time.

If you have fewer than 2 cards at the end of your turn, you may draw 2.

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