Personalities: The Hero

The Hero

They said it was a tragic accident. A lone star-tours vessel had a navigational error and wandered into the exploding asteroid band of Verne. The politicians were already on the trideo feeds, weeping crocodile tears about the terrible losses and their heartfelt prayers, when all the news agencies cut them off. A live feed was broadcast on all channels of a lone ship emerging from the flaring asteroids, its engines straining, its life support working overtime — a lone search and rescue ship, with every single passenger from the lost liner safely onboard. Interviewed, the distraught passengers all said the same thing. They all thought they were lost, with no hope to escape the asteroids bursting around them. But a single voice, calm and collected, came over the public address system. That voice lead them to the rescue ship, it led them out of the field. It was calm and strong and told them they would be ok. One single voice; your voice.

Your own interviews on the trideo feeds followed. You were humble; you weren’t doing anything amazing or special, you were just doing your job. People were in danger and you went in to help them. Helping is your job. The press loved it.

Each interview and news bite led to another. You had a charming personality, a quirky and lovable blend of self-deprecation and supreme confidence. Combine that with a smile that a supernova couldn’t outshine and a black hole couldn’t dim and you became a sensation. People recognized you when you docked at a starport, they recognized you when you went to fill out paperwork at the starship licensing agency. You couldn’t walk into a restaurant and pay for a meal; someone always covered your tab. People stopped you for photos or just to shake your hand. You became the ideal so many people were looking for.

When the Empire leaked the news of the Star Tsar’s retirement, you finally made a decision to capitalize on the adoration you had acquired. People knew you were a good pilot, they knew you were honest and upright. They wanted someone like you, no, they wanted YOU to take over the trade consortiums for the Empire. They wanted someone they could trust. Anonymous donors made sure you had a ship, ready and capable to take on the task of establishing yourself as a premiere trader.

The Empire needs someone honest and determined to be the new Star Tsar. The Empire needs a hero to show them the way.


You are the Hero.  And you are just what the galaxy needs.

Game Specifics:

  • +2 Prestige

Everyone’s heard of your exploits!

You get an extra 2 Prestige for every cargo you deliver.

You get an extra 4 Prestige (rather than 2) for fulfilling the VIP Contract.

You get the same bonus as other Traders for winning a Race (+1 per competitor).

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