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PAX South 2016 Review

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PAX South was a tremendous success! Over 150 gamers played Star Traders and gave us written feedback — that’s about 20 games a day. The verdict: 5 didn’t want to play it again. 145 did. We’ll take those odds. 🙂

We also had a chance to find old friends and meet new friends. (I’m talking about you, Star Citizen Twitch Streamers.) And it was great to discuss Kickstarters with Dani Demarest, who was there with Cuisine a la Card, InMotion’s own successful kickstarted game (that Dani designed).

We really appreciate all the help Andi and the rest of the PAX South staff gave us as PAXS neophytes. Putting the boardgaming booths in the table-gaming area and running them all day long gave us a much better opportunity to present our baby to the gaming world. Which meant that we all, including intrepid volunteers Becca and Jonathan, were kept on our feet.

It was all very encouraging as we gear up to jump off the cliff into our own Kickstarter in a couple of weeks.